Monday, August 30, 2010

16 songs for evil hax0rz !!!

Ok so rule number 1: "If you want to be an evil hax0r you have to listen to good music!" so here is a list of songs for hax0rz with youtube links:

1.Mushroomhead - Sun doesn't rise(Searching google)
2.Mushroomhead - Solitaire Unraveling(Nmap scan)
3.Infected Mushroom - Heavyweight(Nessus & NeXpose)
4.The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor Remix)(Putting info together)
5.Mt Eden Dubstep - Prodigy : Omen(Found a nice vulnerability)
6.In Flames - My sweet shadow(When you are bruteforcing)
7.In Flames - Cloud Connected(Wireless cracking)
8.Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction(Buffer Overflow)MEGADETH RULZZZ
9.Megadeth - Trust(Sniffing)THEY RULE AGAIN :X
10. Pantera - Walk(Pivoting)
11.Children of Bodom - Angels Don't Kill(Preparing for a social engineer attack)
12.Soilwork - Nerve(Cracking a hash)
13.Metallica - Fade to black(When your internet connection falls)Metallica rule 2 !!
14.AC/DC - Back in Black (especially for blackhats)
15.AC/DC - Stiff upper lip (after a successful pentest)
16.Disturbed - Pain Redefined(When you present the pentest report and show the world how evil you are!)

The songs are not in the order of my liking, they have a random place.
If you know more songs feel free to comment here including a youtube link and a "moment" of listening !

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